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Shirley creates wearable art and functional ceremonial objects for synagogue and home. Her Judaic collection includes pieced and painted challah covers, wall hangings, kippot (skull caps), tallitot (prayer shawls), chuppot (marriage canopies) and Torah mantles. She frequently gives lectures and workshops.
2015 Tallit of Many Colors

The colors of the ancient synagogue floors in ...
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2015 Lioz

Be strong as the leopard, light as the eagle, swift as the deer, and brave as ...
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2015 Rav Miriam

O Lord, the soul you have given me is pure. -Introduction to the Morning ...
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2015 Aviva

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2015 Batya

The atarah reads: This is the day which the Lord has made, On it we will ...
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2015 Marge

This is the sign that I have set for the covenant between Me and you for all ...
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